A strong team

About us

The Solution Process Experts (SPE) offer you and your partners first-class IoT information as well as associated apps, AI platforms and hardware infrastructures.

This comprehensive approach provides your employees with clear results in a timely manner, helping to create more sustainable and agile processes along the entire value chain.

We are enthusiastic about helping our customers move forward intelligently and enabling their digital IoT processes to live a trouble-free life.

IoT innovations for a sustainable present and future

Solution Process Experts (SPE), which has been operating successfully in Swiss and German-speaking countries since it was founded in 2024, has distinguished itself as an IoT pioneer for over 10 years in the fields of technical software, platforms, applications, engineering, infrastructure and consulting with AI expertise.

Managed by experts under the leadership of Rainer Stocker, the independent limited company is headquartered in Zurich-Forch and has future branches in Switzerland and German-speaking countries. With the expertise of over 20 professionals from its own network, such as scaut-association.com and virtuellefabrik.ch, and in close cooperation with the collana-it.com group of around 150 experts.

The focus is on selected and standardised, innovative intelligent services and products for your digital and process automation technology needs.

Our strength

Our strength lies in the unique combination of IoT expertise in technological innovation in the software sector with its infrastructure, such as hardware, sensors, gateway communication to the back end or ERP.

This enables us not only to manage specialist and project-oriented tasks, but also to adopt a comprehensive, entrepreneurial perspective that focuses on changing processes and the flexible organisation of people's work.

Our experienced, interdisciplinary teams work closely with clients to develop viable solutions for both strategic and operational projects in the shortest possible time and support their successful implementation.

Selected partnerships...

Solution Process Experts (SPE) has unique technology partnerships and realised its first European IoT successes back in 2013.

Vf-Virtual Factory
Microsoft 365
SAP Partner

...and the successes

Solution Process Experts (SPE) has unique technology partnerships and realised its first European IoT successes back in 2013.

Network partners

Team and network of experts

Rainer Stocker

Head of IoT Solution and international project management
Founder and Managing Director

Dr Philippe Pouget

Head Consulting and Service

Christian Bräm

Engineering, mechatronics and design
El Ing. HTL

Carlo Lanza

Software engineering and project management
El Ing. HTL

Gijsbert Wassink

Project management

Rudolf Matthys

Sales, Projekte und Webtechnologie

Roberto B.

Head AI and platform application

Michael F.

IT Expert - Business Manager