IoT Technology

In particular, the integration of IoT (Industry of Things) technology into the current and future ways of working in your industry opens up a wide range of opportunities. The current landscape is characterised by increased connectivity of devices and systems, enabling companies to collect and analyse real-time data. This leads to improved efficiency by optimising workflows and enabling responsive decision-making.

In the future, IoT technology is expected to continue to play a key role, particularly in terms of advancing automation, predictive maintenance and the creation of smarter and more connected ecosystems. Companies that integrate this technology into their operations can not only increase their competitiveness, but also contribute to global sustainability.

The global sustainable benefit arguments for the integration of IoT technology include more efficient use of resources, reduction of emissions, improved health and safety in the workplace and the promotion of sustainable production methods. Overall, the application of IoT technology helps to shape a future-oriented and sustainable development in your industry.

Achievements: European M2M-IoT Challenge winner Solution Process Experts SPE (formerly swiss1mobile IoT division) and Swisscom Public Award application winner.

IoT software plays a key role in driving forward the digital transformation.

In an IoT era... which new services and product innovations are constantly being developed, we always keep our focus on quality and sustainability. In doing so, we ensure that aspects such as cybersecurity and data protection are integrated into our considerations and solutions right from the start.

Whether it's an internal IoT industrial application or a globally scaled cloud solution, Helbling is your reliable partner for comprehensive support. We take legal and regulatory aspects into account, manage risks and focus on the implementation of customised, optimised and innovative software solutions that impress in every respect - be it through their high quality, performance, security or user-friendliness. With agility and a passion for innovation, we lead you to success.

Embedded software with NTRACK

Embedded software and electronics coupled with the agile IoT platform NTRACKthe associated process apps and their infrastructure.

Your area of application

Do you have a specific application? On request, we can also integrate your existing sensors, devices on the NTRACK platform. Get in touch with us to arrange a consultation or a short presentation.