References and successes

Cantonal police Thurgau

Innovative temperature monitoring in police vehicles enters roll-out phase after test phase. Pilot phase of a pioneering project: The Thurgau Cantonal Police, together with Solution Process Experts SPE and strategic network partner Adnexo, have undertaken a decisive further development in the area of temperature monitoring for dog patrols in vehicles.

In an increasingly specialised and sensitised police force, specially trained dogs are an integral part of many operations. However, temperature control in the emergency vehicles posed a serious challenge.

Together with the Thurgau cantonal police, we have developed an innovative temperature monitoring solution in a test phase. State-of-the-art sensor technology, wireless connectivity and a user-friendly software platform form the basis. Strategically placed temperature sensors inside the police vehicles enable precise measurements. When critical values are reached, the system automatically sends alerts to the police officers on the scene. Real-time data can also be called up via a mobile app.

The implementation of our solution is having an immediate positive impact. Sensors in equipped police vehicles measure the current temperature and display it in real time in an app so that immediate action can be taken. This not only contributes to the safety of the dogs, but also allows police officers to concentrate on their work without constantly worrying about their four-legged partners.

Working with the Police Corps to develop this temperature monitoring solution for police vehicles is designed to ensure the safety and well-being of service dogs. We are proud to contribute to improving the protection and support of these extraordinary animals. Smart solutions are our passion - are you facing a challenge? We are happy to help!

Carlsberg Feldschlösschen

Due to the previous manual, paper-driven and parallel processes in the monitoring, control, alerting, ordering and delivery service chain, taking into account freshness and traceability without an active online marketing and social media presence, a 3D process automation and platform was used for the first time in the history of this industry. This is based on an innovative combination of measurement data, including novel pressure sensors that provide wireless and non-contact control data. The holistic system integrates ERP data, a portal cockpit and mobile devices such as iPad and iPhone to enable comprehensive online interaction for beer producers, catering & hospitality, regular customers and other stakeholders, without neglecting previous online marketing and social media claims.

SPE, together with its team of 4 experts combining expertise in specific fluid sensor technology, transmission intelligence, communication, firmware operations, hardware ruggedness (cool and humid or hot in the catering environment), browser portal (Windows-based) with certified interface to ERP systems (in this case SAP) and mobile software (apps) for iPad and other smartphone operating systems, has realised an impressive optimisation of conventional processes. These savings already exceed the investment costs of the solution and the platform, so that a return on investment (ROI) is already covered by the profits realised, which is considered a process gain.

AGROLA Pellets Silo Monitoring

Modern, fully automatic fill level monitoring on the construction site for sustainable pellet fuel as well as prompt delivery and scheduling of the pellets pressed wood material

Rollout at AGROLA. Together with Solution Process Experts SPE and its strategic network partner, AGRAOLA has realised an innovative new tracking solution.

In challenging times where mineral oil and commodity traders are increasingly exposed to new global conditions, new sales markets with new sustainable products will be the be-all and end-all.

For these new sales markets, Solution Process Experts SPE realises and installs the latest fully automatic filling level silo sensors with our favoured sensor partner and our infrastructure partner, which combine the external transport and data processes, which allow scheduling, deliveries, returns, maintenance cycles, installation, QA certifications to be executed and interacted with the data and activities of people and ERP in a timely manner.

The advantages are obvious: for the entire value chain, process participants such as external transporters, technology and internal influencers can access the result values directly and specifically. Which can be integrated into your IT infrastructure via app or platform (write, read rights) by SMS, push notification, telephone, pager, WhatsApp, Threema, email or directly via the data interface in an API, DMZ, web service, CSV.

Together with our pellet silo crew from Agrola and our network partners, the solution was installed on the NTrack platform and put into operation within 6 months, including a 2-month test phase, the sensors were installed and the people in the process were trained. The NTrack platform can also be individually expanded for further developments in the product life cycles.

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