Transport & Mobility

When it comes to personalised, safe and connected mobility for people and goods, we are at your side as your development partner. Specifically, we develop solutions for transport, technologies for cargo and equipment, subsystems and infrastructures. In the field of mobility, we attach particular importance to the fulfilment of customised process coverage, traceability, quality assurance and sustainable standards in terms of safety, comfort and information.

Our systematic approach and our knowledge of national and international project, software and technology experience bring methodology, efficiency and routine. In this way, we create sustainable added value and valuable competitive advantages for you.

IoT Business Services

Further development of sub-projects in rapidly changing processes (process life cycles)

This sector is experiencing impressive growth and is making an increasing contribution to national and European economic output. Many individual sectors and their processes, people and technologies are experiencing above-average growth rates, or because the market environment is extremely attractive due to increased customer demand for higher quality, stable, secure software and faster services. The shortage of skilled labour in particular means that companies are increasingly outsourcing services and processes to external partners

However, it is also controversial, especially in view of the global economic situation where industries are forced to implement so-called BPR models, change management or lean structures, predictability, consistency, adaptability is no longer absolutely given, flexibility, adaptability (adaptricitymässig) must act with automation and IoT technologies.

In a rapidly changing industry, we support our customers in remaining competitive in the long term with innovative solutions while expanding their business models.

Construction, building supplies & building equipment

Building subgroups

Consumer Goods, HoReKa and Retail

The consumer goods and HoReKA industries are facing changes in consumer preferences, increased competition and rising costs for raw materials and production. Companies must face these challenges in order to maintain their competitiveness and ensure their success in the industry.

By recognising trends, identifying opportunities and overcoming challenges, we support companies in adapting their business strategies, optimising business processes and thus ensuring long-term success.

Machinery and plant engineering, industrial equipment and tools

The mechanical and plant engineering sector is one of the most economically successful and innovative industries in the world. It plays a decisive role as a pioneer in innovation, particularly in the context of Industry 4.0, resource-conserving environmental protection, energy efficiency and electromobility.

Over many years, we have worked with companies of different sizes and orientations, which has given us a deep understanding of the cyclical nature of the industry and its specific challenges.

In mechanical engineering with a focus on technology, we develop sophisticated production machines, IoT maintenance, management and alarm software and ICT automation platforms for you in the supply chain and its holistic value chain.

Our goals include the optimisation of performance factors such as throughput, precision, availability and quality as well as the networking of systems through progressive digitalisation. In this way, we develop innovative solutions that also enable a reduction in product and manufacturing costs.

Your area of application

Do you have a specific application? On request, we can also integrate your existing sensors, devices on the NTRACK platform. Get in touch with us to arrange a consultation or a short presentation.